THE FALL EDIT - Oak & Ivy Boutique
Hi Friends!! I know I have been a little quiet on here these days…. I have been working on some exciting projects behind the scenes.. I keep waiting for the perfect time but I have come to realize, there isn’t one. I have been in a state of transition for way to long, maybe it’s fear. ( I am an Enneagram 6).. Fear of Failure, Fear of Judgment, Fear of Change, and the Fear that others may not understand what I am doing.. I have heard others say “ I may not be for everyone and that is ok”. I believe that to be true. I am doing this for me..

Oak & Ivy has been evolving over the course of 7 years. The day I closed my physical storefront was truly
heartbreaking 💔 . Now I see that as a blessing in so many different ways. It allowed me some precious time to be with loved ones. 💛. Time to heal.. It allowed me to gain perspective into what and who Oak & Ivy would become today. I am so excited to announce Oak & Ivy will be launching Friday with a new Fall Collection. Carefully Curated by me!! I have missed you all! I have also been thinking that I follow along on Social media to gain inspiration, to find helpful tips on everything from health, fashion, to fitness and home decor. So along with Oak & Ivy Boutique, I would love to share a lifestyle blog and share all of the things I love!! I figured why not?? I have had 26 years experience in Retail and Fashion, 23 years experience in the hair & beauty industry. I also have learned many valuable skills and some valuable lessons, sometimes the hard way with running my own businesses. I love helping other small business owners, I love community and the willingness to share knowledge, skills and experience. I love all things design!!! So follow along if you are looking for all things style and beauty, home decor, business and a little inspiration. Do Not follow along if looking for recipes, I am definitely not your gal for that, 🤣. Stay tuned for some further announcements and services coming soon!! 😘
Also a huge thank you to all who have supported me, believed in me and are always cheering me on! You know who you are 💛

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Welcome..I am so happy you are here! My little corner of the internet to share all the things I love!